We offer an all-in-one solution that includes the SpiroNose and access to the online BreathBase Platform with an integrated breath database for automated analysis

All-in-one Solution

With the lease of BreathBase, we offer a complete set of hardware and software for the analysis of non-invasive biomarkers in exhaled breath. From high quality measurement of VOCs to the generation and validation of diagnostic models using our online analytical platform. With an integrated reference breath database and high quality standards our platform provides reliable, reproducible and immediate results. Easily incorporate point-of-care analysis of exhaled breath into your clinical research project with BreathBase.

Step 1


Our team is available to discuss the objectives of your project and to advise on all aspects of study design, exhaled breath analysis and statistical analysis plans.

Step 2

Breath Analysis

We install BreathBase at your location and provide training for reliable and reproducible exhaled breath measurements and immediate analyses.

Step 3

Statistical Analysis

Both raw and processed sensor data is available in your personal web application. The processed sensor data can be used as source document for statistical analysis. If needed, our team is available to assist with the statistical analysis (e.g. generate and validate diagnostic models).

Step 4


We can facilitate access to a worldwide network of clinical and academic partners to validate the diagnostic models in the intended use population.