Our proprietary device that captures breath profiles in real-time
  • Real-time breath measurement
  • Real-time ambient air measurement
  • 7 different MOS sensors
  • Cloud-connected
  • Cloud-calibrated
  • High patient safety and comfort
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Direct measurements – no sampling and storage errors

Real-time measurement

The scientific development of the SpiroNose has been driven by the combined efforts of the multidisciplinary team of researchers of the Amsterdam University Medical Centres headed by Prof. Dr. Peter Sterk

The SpiroNose is a technical and clinical validated integration between routine spirometry and electronic nose (eNose) technology connected in series with each other. Therefore, technique allows diagnosis and stratification of patients with cancer, infectious and inflammatory disease in the doctor’s office. Exhaled breath is real-time measured (<1 minute) by the SpiroNose, which is connected to a Gateway for immediate and secure data transmission to the online BreathBase platform. The server is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Western Europe data centre in Middenmeer the Netherlands for automated analysis. BreathBase, which includes a centralised database, allows secured online sharing of the results between clinical and academic partners at multiple sites and is developed conform the requirements of the following standards: ISO 27001 (Information Security) and NEN 7510 (Information Security in Health Care).


Easy to use

The measurement manoeuvre is simple and straightforward, for participants to perform.

Direct measurements

The SpiroNose is ideal for longitudinal studies that measure the complete mixture of VOCs over time.

Reproducible and Interchangeable

SpiroNose results can easily be exchanged between different labs and locations, which is a prerequisite for clinical implementation.


The SpiroNose is calibrated in the cloud, making it possible to store breath profiles obtained from different devices in one large online reference database.


Linked to a Cloud Solution

Immediate and secured transmission of the sensor data to the online BreathBase server for further automated analysis.

Immediate feedback

In combination with the BreathBase Platform and the integrated reference database, direct feedback at the point-of-care has become possible.

How does it work?

Exhaled breath analysis by the cloud-connected SpiroNose


The participant takes a deep breath and calmly exhales through the SpiroNose. The cross-reactive sensors in the SpiroNose capture the complete mixture of VOCs in the participant’s exhaled breath.


The various sensor readings are immediately processed and corrected for the ambient air by the BreathBase Platform. The latter is necessary because exhaled breath is also influenced by the air that is inhaled. 


The sensors respond to breath that is exhaled. All sensors react in a differently, because each sensor has it highest sensitivity to a different group of molecules.


The obtained breath profiles are compared to the online database. Based on machine learning algorithms, a final diagnostic answer will be established.


The SpiroNose consists of 7 different metal oxide semiconductor sensors

Each sensor is present in duplicate on both the inside and the outside of the SpiroNose. The SpiroNose has a total of eight circuit boards including three or four sensors. Four sensor arrays are positioned inside the tube and measure the VOCs in the participants’ exhaled breath and four sensor arrays measure the VOCs in the ambient air. On the BreathBase Platform you will have real-time access to the raw sensor values and the processed sensor values that can be used for statistical analysis.