Research Pipeline

We have an active research pipeline across oncology, inflammatory and infectious diseases. Include breath analysis using the cloud-connected SpiroNose into your clinical research project.

(Early) Diagnosis

To demonstrate that breath signals are useful as biomarkers for diagnosis, they had to be tested at the time of diagnosis and in the intended use population. Multiple clinical centres embraced this concept and tested thousands of patients (with and without an established clinical diagnosis) in a real-world setting, in the BreathCloud study. We now know that BreathBase makes the assessment of the most probable diagnosis possible.

Precision Medicine

Asthma and COPD are complex and heterogeneous, and it has been argued that further improvements in care for these chronic airway diseases require precision medicine, aiming to identify treatable traits that can be targeted with specific therapies. Inflammatory phenotyping is increasingly important in this group in view of intervention with steroids or novel anti-inflammatory biologicals. Multiple studies have already shown that breath analysis allows for phenotyping asthma and/or COPD patients.

Therapy response

With the development of very costly new targeted therapeutics, prediction of treatment response is becoming ever more important. Therefore, prospective studies to validate the predictive performance of biomarkers in patients starting treatment are mandatory. Breathomix cooperates with clinical partners to identify patients that most likely will benefit of treatment (e.g. immunotherapy and Mepolizumab) using the all-in-one solution BreathBase.

Real-world studies

Breathomix, together with its international clinical partners, is actively engaged in clinical research on cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases. Most of the studies that we are involved in are real-world studies. Real-world studies aim to include patient populations that are far more representative of the unselected population than those of randomized controlled trials (RCT). They can have very large sample sizes and can provide information on treatment practices in specific populations that are usually excluded from RCTs (e.g. elderly patients). This enhances the generalisability of their findings compared with RCTs, which have restricted inclusion characteristics. Using exhaled breath analysis by BreathBase there are no restrictions for the participants regarding eating, drinking, smoking or medication usage prior to the analysis, in order to increase the applicability in clinical practice.


The BreathBase Data originates from the BreathCloud study, a large collaborative research project of Amsterdam University Medical Centres with partners in first, second and third line care. Thanks to efforts by the Dutch Lung Foundation and the national charity Vriendenloterij, an extensive research program was initiated in several referral hospitals and general practices throughout the Netherlands.

Scientific Collaborations

In a growing number of centres, including international collaborators in the EU, Australia, North America and South Africa, BreathBase is incorporated into clinical research projects. During these ongoing projects BreathBase Data will increase in size, whilst the self-learning algorithms based on AI (BreathBase Platform) are further optimized. BreathBase Data is the world’s first and largest database filled with breath profiles (>7.500) and clinical characteristics of patients with e.g. asthma, COPD, lung cancer, ILD, CF and other types of cancer. We aim to ensure that BreathBase offers every new patient a personal advice within seconds, regarding the most probable  disease, the individual phenotype and the most effective therapy.

Strategic Alliance

Health insurer CZ aims to personalize healthcare. With the diagnostic and predictive abilities of BreathBase, care will be better tailored to the individual patient. CbusineZ, the innovation arm of health insurer CZ, wants to stimulate innovations such as BreathBase and will therefore collaborate with Breathomix. Together they formed a strategic alliance to develop new diagnostic models for the prediction of response to (novel) therapeutic options, the early diagnosis of lung cancer and stratification of asthma and COPD patients. CbusineZ and Breathomix aim to ensure that the SpiroNose can be placed in every doctor’s office.