The Breathomix Team

Maurik van den Heuvel

Chief Executive Officer

Maurik van den Heuvel has a commercial background and professional experience in data science and analytics. He has a master’s degree in economics and is working on a PhD in drug utilization research. His principal experience is in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, FMCG and finance, in manufacturing, trading and strategy consulting companies.

Rianne de Vries

Chief Operational Officer, Technical Physician

Rianne de Vries studied Technical Medicine with a masters degree in Medical Signaling. She forms the hybrid between classical medicine and advanced technology and is therefore a new professional who has the knowledge, skills and problem-solving mind-set to design and safely apply improved diagnostics and therapeutics. She developed the signal analysis algorithms of the BreathBase Platform that is connected to the SpiroNose and automatically processes and analyzes the sensor signals in order to diagnose and phenotype disease or to predict therapy response.

Wouter van Catz

Chief Financial Officer

Wouter van Catz has gained extensive financial experience both in medical devices and biotechnology companies. During his career at OctoPlus and Batavia Biosciences, he was responsible for the daily operations of the finance and IT departments. Later on, Wouter performed two challenging interim assignments for Airopack and Damen Shipyards and joined Breathomix in November 2020 to assist in the professional scale up of the company. He studied Accountancy in Rotterdam and he holds certifications in Internal Auditing and Risk Management. 

Bart Zuidhof

Manager Projects 

Bart Zuidhof has extensive managerial experience in High Tech Equipment, Food, Aerospace, Automotive and Solar Systems industries. He obtained his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Business Administration at Twente University. Since 2012 Bart is working as an Interim Manager in both Projects as General Management. We asked how he feels about his new role. Bart: “I get energy from ‘getting things done’ and I am honoured to be asked to contribute to the growth and development of Breathomix!”

Niloufar Farzan

Scientific Project Manager, PhD

Niloufar Farzan has a background in pharmaceutical sciences and is focusing on precision medicine. She completed her PhD training at the University of Amsterdam at the Department of Respiratory Medicine. Her main focus of interest during her PhD was on precision medicine in childhood asthma. Her extensive knowledge of biology, pathology and underlying mechanisms of various diseases allows her to identify relevant research opportunities from a clinical, research and patient perspective.

Mechteld Brasz

Scientific Project Manager, Technical Physician
Mechteld Brasz studied Technical Medicine and obtained her master’s degree in Medical Imaging. During her graduation project at the Princess Máxima Centre, she mainly focussed on classification of paediatric brain tumours based on MR spectroscopy, using machine learning techniques. She also completed multiple internships in different clinical disciplines, during which she acquired the necessary skills for identifying research gaps, setting up research projects, and discovering and creating technical solutions for various medical problems. She gains energy from connecting people and with this relevant set of skills she was able to build and maintain relationships with different research centres.

Gitte Slingers

Scientific Project Manager
Gitte Slingers has a background in biomedical sciences. Throughout her PhD at Hasselt University in Belgium, she focused on pediatric respiratory diagnostics. More specifically, she worked on the differentiation of noisy breathing phenotypes in infants using non-invasive methods, including breath analysis. In addition to her experience in breath analysis (mainly mass spectrometry techniques), she acquired skills for clinical (pediatric) studies, data analysis, problem solving and scientific communication.

Marisca Joosten-Tamarit

Scientific Project Manager

Marisca Joosten-Tamarit has a background in Biomedical Sciences and has extensive experience in lung disease. While working in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years, she gained valuable commercial knowledge and scientific experience. In the area of asthma and COPD, she was responsible for the product launch of two inhalation drugs delivered by medical devices (inhalers). In interstitial lung disease she prepared the market introduction and reimbursement of an antifibrotic drug. Marisca has an important network in pulmonary disease and brings the skills and knowledge to our team to help us bring our solution into clinical practice.

Merijn Eskes

Product Manager, Technical Physician, PhD

Merijn Eskes is a Technical Physician who obtained his PhD in Technical Medicine at the University of Twente. He performed his research at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, aiming at patient-specific prediction of function loss in cancer treatment by creating digital doppelgängers and using advanced signal analysis and prediction models. Besides his technical and medical background, he expanded his skill set at EY in the role of senior consultant in health care solving complex problems internationally. With his extensive background he is able to build bridges between disciplines, solve problems creatively and efficiently, and think strategically.

Aiko Hulzebos

Quality Manager

Aiko Hulzebos has extensive experience in setting up management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 within a wide variety of organizations, including healthcare and IT organizations. His approach is very pragmatic where the result always comes first. He will distinguish himself with his analytical skills, which allows him to separate main issues from side issues. Besides that, he is just a nice guy to work with.

Remy van den IJssel

Marketing and Communication Manager

Remy van den IJssel studied Communication Management at the University of Utrecht. Over the past years she gained experience in the field of marketing and communication working with publicity and consulting companies. She has an enthusiastic and creative personality, and strives for a good balance between pragmatics and strategy to reach for the best result. She feels the urge to use her creativity to interest people for new and innovative products and services, especially those that make a significant difference in the lives of many.

For inquiries regarding Communication & PR, please send an e-mail to

Dick Naezer


Dick Naezer has gained extensive recruitment experience through working within a variety of organizations ranging from technology start-ups to multinationals. His enthusiasm and excitement for the role drives him forward in connecting the right talent to the right role. He strongly believes that the best performing teams are built by hiring based on character and personality. His drive, experience and network will help us build the team. For inquiries regarding recruitment or vacancies, please send an e-mail to

Tatjana Offerhaus

Personal Assistant of Rianne de Vries

Tatjana is an enthusiastic, energetic and experienced personal assistant. She has worked in various corporate, diplomatic and commercial environments and she has excellent client-facing skills. The medical environment is not new to her – her father was a doctor. Tatjana is a team player, a networker and an experienced event organizer. ‘’I am very pleased to be part of the Breathomix team, and I am looking forward to building the growth and success even further,’’ says Tatjana.

Louise van Alst

Research Intern
Louise van Alst is currently following the MSc Biomedical Sciences at Leiden University. She joined the Breathomix team for her graduation internship, with a focus on data science. Due to her biomedical background and experience with data analysis, she is able to combine the data science field with underlying biological processes and diseases. Louise is eager to learn and will mainly focus on our new innovative exhaled breath analysis project, concerning epilepsy.

The Advisory Board

Peter Sterk

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Peter Sterk, MD, PhD, is emeritus professor at the University of Amsterdam with a chair on Phenotyping Chronic Airways Diseases. He works on translational research, linking molecular fingerprints to clinical disease expression in respiratory medicine. He was coordinator of the public-private EU-IMI project U-BIOPRED, which has progressed towards validating breathomics in exhaled air using molecular pattern recognition for diagnosis and phenotyping of patients with asthma, COPD or lung cancer. This aims to bring Data Driven Medicine to the clinic. Peter is Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians, London, UK (HFRCP FPM) and has a Hirsh citation index of 85.

Razvan Furca

Professional Advisor

Razvan Furca currently serves as the CEO of Tecknoworks, a worldwide leader in custom software service. He is a highly-driven, customer-focused software developer with a passion for breathing life into big ideas. Razvan grew Tecknoworks from a one man operation into a world-wide brand with offices around the globe. Over the course of his career, Razvan has become known not just as a visionary leader in the world of software development, but also as a trusted partner among firms seeking ways to prepare for the future and do better business using cutting-edge technology.

Rogier van der Hooft

Business Advisor

In recent years, Rogier van der Hooft and his team at CbusineZ (part of CZ Health Insurance) have made great efforts to achieve breakthroughs to keep care for the future affordable and available. Not only in the field of eHealth, tools and robotics, but also with initiatives with hospitals and doctors to make expensive medicines affordable again. Rogier has an MBA and is already working for 17 years at CZ Health Insurance. Rogier has recently been appointed the new chairman of the Board of Directors of CbusineZ.

Maarten Wolleswinkel

Professional Advisor

Maarten is founder and Executive Chairman of Oaklins and founder of New Life Wearables (a Breathomix joint venture company). In 2009, Maarten became president of Holland Corporate Finance N.V. and later also chairman of M&A International, an alliance of independent investment banking organizations. He took the lead to merge the largest members of this organization and created Oaklins, a global investment banking group with over 850 professionals (45 in Amsterdam) in 40 countries. Maarten is business coach for NL Groeit, an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization and guest lecturer of the New CFO Masterclass program at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.