BreathBase: eNose technology linked to a powerful cloud solution

Jun 10, 2020

The innovative cloud solution, BreathBase, is developed by Breathomix in collaboration with technology partners Microsoft and Tecknoworks conform the (inter)national requirements of the following standards: ISO 27001 (Information Security) and NEN 7510 (Information Security in Healthcare).

BreathBase is a cloud solution that is linked to eNose (SpiroNose) technology for automated analysis and secured data storage. Via an internet-enabled IoT device (Gateway), eNose measurements are sent in real-time to a processing component for analysis and interpretation. The results are presented in the BreathBase Web Application that researchers can easily access from their desktop or mobile devices.


One of Breathomix’s core values is transparency. With BreathBase, users have access to all data generated in the multi-step analysis, ranging from raw and processed data files to a per-request test report. This means that users can perform their own statistical analysis and report it independently.

Real-time measurements

Users can real-time monitor the raw eNose sensor signals in the BreathBase Web Application. This feature enables researchers to control their eNose measurements resulting in high quality data for analysis. By directing all exhaled air along the eNose sensors during a simple (<1 minute) measurement manoeuvre, the SpiroNose measures the complete mixture of VOCs present in the breath. These direct measurements fully eliminate sampling and storage errors.

1-minute workflow

BreathBase allows for real-time and online analysis of the SpiroNose sensor data and provides immediate feedback at the point-of-care. This powerful combination offers the complete breath analysis workflow within 1 minute – From high-quality breath measurements to the generation and validation of diagnostic models and composite biomarkers using AI.


To enable storage of breath profiles obtained from different SpiroNoses in one large reference database each device is calibrated in the cloud. Filled with breath profiles and clinical/demographic information of more than 5000 patients, BreathBase Data serves as a reference for diagnosing and phenotyping newly presented patients at the point-of-care.

Secure data storage

Breathomix is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. The SpiroNose sensor data and clinical features of study participants entered into the web application are securely transmitted and stored according to the latest security standards. BreathBase is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Western Europe data centre in Middenmeer the Netherlands and complies to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Together with Microsoft and Tecknoworks, Breathomix developed the architecture details for implementing this solution on the Azure Cloud with the necessary scalability, security and availability in mind. This makes BreathBase an easy-to-use platform for any clinical or academic partner in the world.


No direct personal identifiers e.g. patient numbers, contact details, birth dates of study participants are stored in BreathBase Data. All data transferred to BreathBase is completely anonymous for Breathomix. For each measurement an automatic measurement ID is generated. This measurement ID is communicated to the user via the BreathBase Web Application. The user should safely deploy his/her own key file.


The Breathomix team consists of experienced personnel with PhDs in signal and data analysis, breathomics and precision medicine. The processed sensor data, which are easily accessible in the Web Application, can be used as input for statistical analysis. If desired, our team is available to assist with the statistical analysis (e.g. generate and validate diagnostic models or composite biomarkers).

Our cloud-connected eNose, the SpiroNose, will soon be linked to an upgraded version of BreathBase with new features including but not limited to creating a better user experience.

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