The Team

Breathomix is a Dutch SME with the ambition to bring breath analysis to clinical care. During the past 20 years, Peter Sterk’s group at the Amsterdam University Medical Centres has developed and successfully validated exhaled breath technologies for the molecular classification of patients with cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases. Breathomix was founded in June 2018 by members of this research group. The team of Breathomix has over 30 years of combined experience in the field of breathomics, cloud applications, IoT solutions and AI.

”It is our strong conviction that with a multi-disciplinary team and carefully selected technology partners we can bring exhaled breath analysis from a research setting to the patient.”

Technology Partners

Breathomix has access to all relevant facilities and infrastructure required for their mission. Breathomix has close ties to Tecknoworks Europe (RO), as an information technology partner, and Microsoft Corporate (US) who helps Breathomix with technical, analytical and legal advice and exposure to the market in most countries around the globe. Breathomix works closely with Unitron (NL), a hardware supplier that is able to support Breathomix with the optimization of the SpiroNose. With leading expertise in medicine, data science, IoT, AI and clinical research, the Breathomix team is uniquely positioned to pioneer the use of breathomics driven diagnostics and precision medicine.